Website Traffic

Traffic is the most sought for online service. Everyone who has a website needs traffic.

Every website depends on reliable and steady traffic coming in. Promoting trafficprograms as affiliate is great for 2 things. You earn traffic to your website when people joins the program from your link and you earn money when they buy something from that traffic program.

Listed below are recommendations for getting advertising and website traffic, but also great sites for affiliation. Join them and start promoting, get referrals and make money.


FreeAdsMailer – a double opt-in safelist for e-mail marketing.

FreeSafelistMailer – a top safelist, big, almost 50 000 members.

vTrafficRush – New tool gives you your own branded viral site.

AdsMailing – a great combo of several sites in 1, many options to earn and advertise.

MembersRule – a big trafficexchange, over 210 000 members.

ViralURL – a great site that makes your website go viral and with a great set of tools to protect your affiliate links.

LeadsLeap – the best lead generator there is.

EasyHits4U – trafficexchange with more than 1 560 000 members.

EuropeanSafelist – steady safelist marketing since 2007 and still growing.

Tezzers – unique and top rated trafficexchange with a great experienced admin.

RealFreeHits – new and upcoming trafficexchange with great free trafficoptions.

This is just a list for starter, it’s a whole lot of possibilites out there and you can use this list of sites to reach others. As you see I use viral mailers and trafficexchanges for the most. It’s here I find most of the traffic and it’s also a great opportunity to earn both traffic to your website and money. By joining them for free, free is good!

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